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Bin Laden wives and children 'set to leave Pakistan'
From: BBC          Published On: August 26, 2012, 20:26 GMT
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Bin Laden wives and children 'set to leave Pakistan'

Osama Bin Laden, once the world most wanted fugitive

The widows and children of Osama Bin Laden have left their villa in Islamabad, as they reportedly begin a journey to Saudi Arabia.

The three widows, who are believed to have 11 children, left the house in a minibus amid tight security.

A plane was reported to be waiting for them at Islamabad's international airport to take them to Saudi Arabia.

The al-Qaeda leader was killed by US special forces last May in the north-western Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

Last week his wives and children completed a 45-day term of imprisonment at the Islamabad villa, for staying in Pakistan illegally.

AP news agency quotes the Pakistani government as saying Saudi Arabia was the "country of their choice" to be deported to.

According to the BBC's Tulip Mazumdar, at the Bin Laden house, police covered the minibus with a sheet as the Bin Laden family boarded.

Pakistan will be hoping this marks the end of the Bin Laden chapter, she says, as his family who lived here for years leave the country.

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