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Undercover agent in al-Qaeda bomb plot 'was British'
From: BBC          Published On: August 10, 2012, 20:27 GMT
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Undercover agent in al-Qaeda bomb plot 'was British'

The man who foiled a Yemen-based al-Qaeda "underwear bomb" plot is reported to have been a British man of Middle Eastern origin, according to US media.

UK officials declined to comment on the reports, but earlier this week the US said foreign agencies were involved in the operation.

The agent was sent by al-Qaeda to attack a US-bound plane, but left Yemen and gave the device to US intelligence.

The US insists the bomb never posed a threat to the public.

The BBC's Paul Adams, in Washington, says it is unorthodox for intelligence agencies to disclose details about each others' operations.

If true, the revelations about the undercover agent could raise eyebrows in UK intelligence agencies.

The agent is now reportedly safe in Saudi Arabia and FBI analysts are studying the device.

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