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Why FG, Boko Haramís peace deal is endangered
From: Nigerian Tribune          Published On: November 5, 2012, 06:00 GMT
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Why FG, Boko Haramís peace deal is endangered

While the Federal Government of Nigeria has indicated its disposition to a peace deal with the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram, further information reaching the Nigerian Tribune confirmed that the government had decided to be cautious in taking the next step forward.

A government team said to be analysing possible pitfalls in the peace plan was said to have identified another set of huddles at the weekend.

One of the fresh huddles, according to the team, is the alleged factionalisation of the sect, which is said to have put the government in a quandary as to whether it is talking to the right group.

Linked to the alleged factionalisation is the claim that some breakaway members had also been using the name of Boko Haram to perpetrate violence and that government agencies would want a situation where the original Boko Haram reins in such groups.

Sources in the administration also confirmed to the Nigerian Tribune that unabated attacks being carried out in parts of the North-West and North-East had been identified as a matter of concern, which could stand in the way of peace deal.

It was also gathered that government was of the view that it might be difficult to release all arrested Boko Haram members especially as some of them had already charged to court.

ďWhile government is disposed to making something out of the peace offer, the team of experts analysing the situation came up with some issues that should be addressed before a deal is finally struck. One of the factors is the issue of how to deal with those already undergoing trial. It could amount to a slap on the face of the judiciary to just release such persons,Ē a source said.

The source also stated that there are fears in government circles that some of the foot soldiers of the sect were becoming more powerful and that some of them had been dictating the pace in recent times.

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