Last Updated: September 24, 2013, 12:00 pm


New York Times website 'hacked'
The New York Times website goes out of service for the second time in a month after what the company describes as a "malicious external attack".

Michigan mom caught on tape allegedly planning husband's slaying
A Michigan woman has pleaded guilty to attempted murder for allegedly trying to order a hit on her husband, police said.

US led by 'best interests' on Syria
The US vows to act in its "best interests" over the alleged use of chemical weapons by Syria, after British MPs reject military action.

President Obama 'sure Syria behind chemical attack'
President Barack Obama says the US has concluded the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attacks last week.

Bradley Manning 'sorry' for hurting US at Wikileaks trial
Pte First Class Bradley Manning has apologised for hurting the US by leaking a trove of classified US government documents to Wikileaks.

Gunman and hostage killed in Louisiana bank standoff
A U.S. police SWAT team stormed a rural Louisiana bank early on Wednesday, killing a gunman after he shot two hostages, one of whom later died.

Al-Qaeda leaders' talks 'sparked US embassy closures'
Intercepted conversations between two senior al-Qaeda figures prompted Sunday's closure of many American diplomatic missions, US media report.

US to extend embassy closures
US says it will keep 19 embassies in north Africa and the Middle East closed for up to a week, due to fears of a possible militant threat.

US offers Iran President Rouhani 'willing partnership'
The US says it can be a "willing partner" of Iran if newly inaugurated President Hassan Rouhani seeks to resolve nuclear disagreements.

US fumes over Snowden's Russian asylum
Edward Snowden's successful asylum bid in Russia is "extremely disappointing", the US says, and casts doubt on a US-Russian summit.

Manning verdicts are 'dangerous precedent' - Assange
Julian Assange, founder of the anti-secrecy organisation Wikileaks, has said the conviction of US Army Private Bradley Manning on spying charges is a "dangerous precedent".

Bradley Manning guilty of espionage in Wikileaks case
Bradley Manning, the US army private accused of leaking thousands of classified documents, has been found guilty of espionage but not guilty of aiding the enemy.

Life term for US woman who cut off ex-husband's penis
A California woman convicted of severing her ex-husband's penis and throwing it in a kitchen waste disposal has been sentenced to life in prison.

Agents racing to save girl had one blurred clue
Federal agents watched in horror as an unknown man in an internet photo appealed for stomach-churning advice -- how to rape the child beside him.

US spy data 'prevented attacks'
The US electronic spying chief has said massive surveillance programmes newly revealed by an ex-intelligence worker had disrupted dozens of terror plots.

US spy leaker 'missing' in Hong Kong
A ex-CIA employee - who has leaked details of US top-secret secret phone and internet surveillance - disappears from his hotel in Hong Kong.

Julian Assange to Edward Snowden: 'Go to Latin America'
Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, hails Edward Snowden, who leaked info about the U.S. surveillance program, as heroic.

US surveillance leak source revealed
A former technical worker for the CIA is revealed as the source of a series of leaks about US phone and internet surveillance.

Boy, 4, accidentally shoots, kills father
A 4-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father at a home in Prescott Valley Friday, according to a spokesman for the Prescott Valley Police Dept.

Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning to go on trial
US soldier Bradley Manning, arrested three years ago on suspicion of leaking military secrets to Wikileaks, is due at a military court for trial.

Boston bombing suspect 'walking'
The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has recovered enough to walk, his mother says.